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when you need fault finding

Electrical faults can arise from various sources. Overloaded circuits, aging wiring and loose connections are common issues we address at Ampower Electrical Group. Environmental factors like moisture, short circuits, ground faults, and damage from external sources also frequently cause electrical problems. Regular checks and timely interventions are crucial for maintaining system safety and efficiency. Trust Ampower to expertly handle and prevent these typical electrical challenges. 

Here are some common causes that result in fault finding being needed:

Aged or deteriorating Wiring

Over time, wiring can degrade, leading to issues like arcing, overheating, and inefficient electrical flow, leading to faults

Loose or Faulty Connections

Improperly secured connections may lead to arcing, excessive heating, and disrupted electrical flow, all of which can result in electrical faults.

Short circuits

When live wires come into contact with neutral or eath wires, it creates a short circuit, potentially causing breakers to trip or blow fuses

Faulty Electrical Appliances or Equipment

Malfunctioning appliances can cause a range of electrical issues, from tripping circuit breakers to causing short circuits.

Overloaded circuits

Excessive demand on a circuit, often due to faulty appliances or an excessive amount of appliances on the same circuit, can lead to overheating and potential failures.

Corrosion or Moisture Intrusion

Exposure to moisture or corrosive environments can damage electrical components, leading to malfunctions

Ground faults

Occur when electrical current takes an uninteded path to the ground, posing a serious risk of electric shock and equipment damage.

External Damage or Interference

Physical damage from construction work, environmental factors, or pest infestations can lead to compromised electrical system integrity, necessitating fault finding to identify and fix the issues.

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