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Powerpoint installation services in Sydney can be found with Ampower Electrical Group. Get in touch with our staff right now to learn more about why installing more powerpoints in your home is a great way to ensure safety and convenience. We have been delivering electrical installations and maintenance for many years, so you can rely on our team for a complete and professional service that meets the very highest standards.

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Why Install Another Electrical Powerpoint?

An electrical outlet is a socket for plugging electrical appliances into a power source. In many homes the powerpoints are poorly located or of poor quality.

Over the years, an electrical powerpoint can sometimes stop working altogether or it can develop faults that make it a safety hazard.

Ampower can provide and install modern and safe electrical outlets in convenient locations around your home, ensuring improved safety and enhanced convenience. Getting new powerpoints also means you can remove those extension cords taking up space and ruining the look of your home.

How Long Does Powerpoint Installation Take?

If there is already an outlet on the other side of the wall, installing a second electrical powerpoint is as simple as moving a plate, and doesn’t involve any more holes. No need for unsightly touch-ups or repainting.

Types of Electrical Powerpoint

Single GPO

Weatherproof GPO

Double GPO

Double with switch GPO


USB power points

15A power point

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