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As the world continues to shift towards sustainable transportation solutions, electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular. With this surge in EV adoption, the demand for EV charger installation services has grown significantly. At Ampower Electrical Group, we’re experts in installing all types of EV chargers in all different locations, both commerical and residential. Call us for advice or installation!

Installing your EV Charger
An EV (Electric Vehicle) charger installation refers to the process of setting up the necessary electrical infrastructure and equipment to charge an electric vehicle. This typically involves the installation of charging stations or chargers at specific locations, such as homes, businesses, parking lots, or public charging stations. Here are some key aspects of EV charger installation:

Location Selection

Determine where you want to install the EV charger. It can be in your garage, driveway, workplace, or any other suitable location.

Electrical Assessment

An electrician will assess your existing electrical system to ensure it can support the charger's power requirements. If necessary, upgrades may be needed.

Permits and Regulations

Check local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with permitting and safety requirements for the installation.

Charger Selection

Choose the type of EV charger that suits your needs. There are Level 1 (120-volt) chargers and Level 2 (240-volt) chargers. You can also opt for DC fast chargers for even faster charging but these are typically found at public charging stations.

Wiring and Infrastructure

Depending on the charger type and location, the electrician will install the necessary wiring, circuit breakers, and conduit to connect the charger to your electrical panel.

Mounting the Charger

Install the charging station itself, mounting it securely on a wall or pedestal. Proper cable management is essential for safety and aesthetics.

Testing and Commissioning

After installation, the electrician will test the charger to ensure it works correctly and safely. They may also provide guidance on using the charger effectively.


Regular maintenance may be required to ensure the charger continues to function correctly and safely. This may include cleaning, firmware updates, and occasional inspections.

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