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At Ampower Electrical Group, we can supply and install high-quality downlights and styling to match your needs. Learn more:

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LED downlights are an exceptional option for lowering your energy consumption and reducing electricity bills. 

Wether supplying or installing, you can trust Ampower to install your chosen downlights.

Affordable Downlight Installation

Expert advice on Downlight Styling

Easy & Quick Downlight Replacements


LED downlight Installation and Replacement includes the installation of new light points or replacement of downlights in a variety of locations such as indoor, outdoor and other areas. This involves securely installing the downlights, ensuring correct electrical connections, suitable fittings, and incorporating options such as dimmable features and smart control capabilities. Here are some key things to consider:

Location Selection

Determine where you want to install the downlights. It can be in your bedroom, kitchen, backyard patio, or any other suitable location.

Electrical Assessment

An electrician will assess your existing wiring and identify what your current infrastructure allows you to install, this also means making sure your property can support the additional lighting

Permits and Regulations

Check local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with permitting and safety requirements for the installations.

Downlight Selection

Select the type of LED downlight that aligns with your properties style. Options include dimmable LED downlights, smart-controlled downlight, and color-changing variaties.

Style and Aesthetics

You can also choose from designs that compoment your decor, from recessed to surface mounted and more. We are experts in choosing the lights for your space

Quality and Brand

It is also essential for us to choose your brand of downlights carefully, it should match the rest of the existing downlights in the property.

Testing and Commissioning

After installation, the electrician will test the downlights to ensure it works correctly and safely. We may also perform an electrical safety check


Regular maintenance may be required to ensure the downlights continues to function correctly and safely. This may include cleaning and occasional inspections.

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