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Need assistance with your electrical needs? Finding someone you trust to handle all your electrical work, either residential or commercial, can take a lot of time and effort. When it comes to electrical services, one wrong choice can make your home or commercial building unsafe for the occupants. Hiring the best electrician in Campbelltown ensures that your electrical systems will run safely for years.

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Ampower Electrical Group, the leading electrician in the Campbelltown area, provides the best electrical services that ensure peace of mind. Our professionals are certified, licensed, and insured, and we offer electrical services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Emergency Assistance

Got an electrical emergency? Don’t fret! Our electrician in Campbelltown area provides you with the best electrical services and gives you a helping hand during an emergency.

We Know What We Do

With years of experience in the electrical industry, our professionals are equipped to handle all types of electrical work. From fixing simple electrical faults to major commercial rewiring, we complete every job with a smile.

Licensed and Qualified

Our Campbelltown electrician is licensed and certified to carry out complex electrical emergencies. Our skilled professionals also undergo proper training to make sure that our services adhere to the latest regulations and ensure safety.

Timely Service

As a leading electrician in Campbelltown for emergency services, we understand how crucial time is. Our professionals are just a call away, and when you need us, we will be there to assist with your electrical emergency in no time. We will arrive at your place well-equipped and provide a superior service to fix any electrical problems you are facing.


At Ampower Electrical Group, we take pride in our honesty and transparency. Our pricing is fixed, and we discuss the cost before undertaking any electrical work. We do not charge additional costs, and there are no nasty billing surprises.

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Electrical emergency? We’ll leave your home safer than we found it. As a level 2 electrician in Campbelltown, we provide you with guaranteed electrical installations, emergency electrical assistance, electrical repairs, maintenance, and more. Call us to find out more.


At Ampower Electrical Group, we strive to provide all our customers with the highest quality service possible. Our technicians have many years of experience in the electrical industry and are well-equipped to handle all your electrical needs. In addition, our professionals are highly trained and certified, ensuring that they can provide you with the best possible solutions for your specific electrical needs.

As the leading electrician in Campbelltown, we are fully insured and offer a warranty on all of our work, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected. We will always be honest and transparent with you, so you can rest assured we won’t try to upsell you on services that aren’t necessary. In addition, we guarantee that our prices are competitive and fair as we always provide our customers with the best possible service at an affordable price.

improved. Faulty wiring can cause an increase in energy usage and create hazardous situations, which can lead to an even higher electric bill.

We recommend solutions to improve the efficiency of your electrical system, such as installing LED lights or using power strips and timers to reduce energy waste. Our team of experts can inspect your appliances for signs of overuse or damage. Inefficient appliances are one of the main culprits of high electric bills. Our electrician can identify any problems with your current appliances and make sure that you’re using them in the most efficient way. We also suggest replacements that could help reduce energy costs.

We also look at ways to reduce energy costs throughout your home by introducing energy-saving features. This could include installing motion sensor lighting or low-flow showerheads, both of which have been proven to reduce energy costs.

Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe from electrical injuries:

  • Keep electrical cords and outlets out of reach from children, preferably behind furniture or in an area that is not easily accessible.
  • Make sure all exposed wiring is covered and all outlets have safety covers installed.
  • Use safety caps to cover unused outlets.
  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances.
  • Unplug small appliances and electronics when they’re not in use.
  • Never let children play with or near electrical cords or plugs.
  • Use surge protectors instead of extension cords whenever possible.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from water sources, such as sinks and bathtubs.
  • Make sure all electrical products are up-to-date and have been tested for safety by an electrician.
  • Never leave young children unsupervised around electricity.

If your electrical outlets are overloading, you must take immediate action to ensure the safety of your home. Overloaded outlets are a fire hazard and should be addressed immediately. The first step is to turn off the power to the outlets and then contact a certified electrician in Campbelltown. A professional electrician can inspect the outlet and determine the cause of the overload. It could be due to too many items being plugged into a single outlet or an issue with the wiring.

The electrician will also identify any other underlying problems causing the overload, such as faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit breaker. Once they have identified the problem, they can provide options to fix the issue, such as replacing the outlets or wiring or adding additional outlets to accommodate all your electrical needs. Again, having an electrician come in to assess the situation is the safest and most efficient way to deal with overloaded outlets.

The time taken for electrical repairs will depend on the complexity of the job. If the job is simple, it could be completed in as little as an hour or two. However, more complex work, such as wiring up an entire house, could take several days. The best way to get an accurate estimate of how long your electrical repairs may take is to consult your emergency electrician in Campbelltown. They will be able to assess the job and provide you with a better idea of the time frame involved. This will help you plan and ensure that any repair work is completed on schedule.

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