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What are the benefits of Oyster Lights?

Beautiful appearance without the hassle of assembly

Cost effective lighting

Lots of variety in design and brightness

Can last up to 36,000 hours

Perfect for general lighting

Oyster lights are a perfect way to provide low cost light to any area without the initial cost of other lighting such as down lights.

You may choose to install an oyster light in your living room along with some down lights with different purposes.

Oyster Lights
Oyster Lights

What types oyster lights can I have installed?

There are three main types of Oyster lights

Light Bulb Oyster Lights

These oyster lights come specifically with holders for E27 light bulbs, if you have an oyster light of this type, you may be able to simply upgrade the light bulbs to LED. Your energy savings could be up to 90%

Fluro Tube Oyster Lights

These fittings often have have a T5 or T8 round LED fluro tube inside them, these are quite outdated in modern homes and are often replaced with LED oyster lights.


LED Oyster Lights

These light fittings are the newest and most energy efficient. These are often have a nicer look than the other options and are typically housed in a slimline fitting, they can be wall or ceiling mounted.

How can I protect myself with surge protection?

The two ways to protect your property from catastrophic electrical surges are:


Installing surge protectors into your switchboard which protects electrical equipment against over voltage’s caused by lightning. These are very helpful in protecting your home from power surges and can save you a lot of money.


The second way to protect your devices and appliances from power surges are to use localised power surge safety boards, connected directly into your power points. These boards will protect any devices connected into them. Power safety switch boards are not as effective in protecting from power surges, they serve as your insurance against electric shock. They are designed to prevent injury.

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