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How DC Ceiling Fans Provide the Most Efficient Home Cooling

How DC Ceiling Fans Provide the Most Efficient Home Cooling in NSW

The quest for an effective method of cooling your home that doesn’t cost a fortune in energy bills is seemingly never-ending, but a DC ceiling fan could offer the solution. Ampower Electrical Group offers installation throughout Sydney, having seen first-hand their supreme effectiveness as a cooling method, and it’s now possible to get a DC ceiling fan with a light fixture incorporated. Read on to learn more about getting a ceiling fan in your home and how it could be the best option for keeping cool in the summer months. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on installation.

DC Fans vs AC Fans

The vast majority of modern appliances, including ceiling fans, operate on alternating current (AC). To power DC (direct current) ceiling fans, a transformer converts the AC current in your home. The DC motor can reduce ceiling fan power consumption by as much as 70% compared to an AC fan and runs far more quietly.

Flexible Controls

One of the benefits of DC ceiling fans is their adaptability. Where most alternating current fans have just three speeds, a DC motor enables more choice. It’s common to find five, six, or even seven gears. Almost all DC motor fans can be controlled remotely, giving them another advantage over the more manual AC counterpart. Having more flexibility with the controls allows you to find the perfect level at which to cool your home effectively, while also allowing you to save energy by not having to use a higher setting than you need.

Ceiling Fan Power Consumption and Cost Savings

With the advantage of up to 70% less power consumption than AC, you can count on your DC ceiling fan to offer significant savings when it comes to home cooling. That means you don’t need to worry about how long you’re using your fan, and can enjoy as much cooling as you need to stay comfortable when the temperature rises. You also have the option of a DC ceiling fan with a light, which can be operated independently of the fan itself.

DC Fan Installation

Ask Ampower Electrical Group about installation of DC fans and our knowledgeable, experienced team will be happy to help. We have a long and proven track record when it comes to fitting ceiling fans and can provide a complete service to match your needs. If you want an efficient and effective way to cool your home, then we highly recommend DC ceiling fans. Get in touch for a free quote.

Contact Ampower Electrical Group online today for a comprehensive service to fit your DC ceiling fans. We guarantee exceptional workmanship, personalised service and value for money when you choose us for your ceiling fan installation. You can also reach our team by calling us on 02 9052 0867.

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